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Vitamin E 5,000 (Pellets)

Vitamin E 5,000 (Pellets)

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Vitamin E 5000™ is a high quality vitamin E supplement for horses, concentrated to provide 5,000 International Units (IU) of vitamin E per scoop. Formulated as an easy to feed pellet, Vitamin E 5000™ offers outstanding palatability at an affordable cost.  Does not contain other vitamins or minerals. Horse owners can safely adjust the amount fed to support horses with high vitamin E requirements without worrying about causing imbalances. Multiple research studies have shown that vitamin E is often deficient in the diets of horses that do not have access to continual grazing on fresh green grass, or those grazing on winter pasture. Vitamin E is powerful antioxidant and works closely with selenium to protect the body from the oxidative stress. Horses are not very efficient in storing vitamin E and deficiency may be accelerated if the diet is deficient in selenium.

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