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SH Pro Series Tack

SH Orthopedic Saddle Pad

SH Orthopedic Saddle Pad

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Saddle Pads are on backorder. May take 90-120 days to ship.

Upgrade your saddle pad with the SH Pro Series Orthopedic Saddle Pad and maximize your performance with unbeatable comfort for you and your horse. This saddle pad is designed to keep your equine partner’s physical health a priority, featuring premium faux fur mink that offers superior comfort without collecting and holding bacteria like wool. The canvas material on top is breathable and lightweight while the orthopedic memory gel insert absorbs tree shock and distributes rider weight evenly.


The unique design of the Pro Series Saddle Pad also has many features allowing for more precise fit, such as double stitching along the top seam to accommodate the horse's top line and provide spine relief, as well as a contoured wither to enable maximum rotation of the shoulder blade under the saddle. Enjoy increased length of stride and improved freedom of movement during turns with this must-have pad. Get yours today.

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