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SH Pro Series Tack

SH O-Ring Bit

SH O-Ring Bit

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Give your colt a head start with the SH O-Ring Bit. This beautifully made bit is designed with your horse’s future success in mind, equipping them with the feel and response needed for the early stages of their career.

Not only does this bit have an integrated O-Ring snaffle, but it also comes equipped with a mini shank for better control. Whether you attach the reins directly into the O-Ring for basic drills or move them to the small ring for slight lift in your horse, this bit is great for any stage of development and any rider preference. With its comfortable but powerful design, you can rest assured that their next ride will be even better than before. Choose from a variety of different mouthpieces depending on what best suits your needs!

Mouthpiece “N” is always in stock and ships immediately. All other mouthpieces are custom made and take 6-8 weeks to ship.

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