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Hock Saver Set

Hock Saver Set

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Many horses are prone to rear leg injuries and inflammation.  The use of HockSavers has shown to cut the recovery time in half.  Each Hock Saver has 18 visible red diodes at a wave length of 650nm diodes, strategically located to help relieve and prevent problems in one of the most important and hardest worked joints in the horse.

The HockSaver will help prevent potential problems as well as help various lameness and cosmetic problems in the hock. Light emitted from these diodes may also open up the flow of energy in the six meridians that run through the hock. The HockSavers are designed specifically for Left and Right, and should not be interchanged since the structures of the medial (inside) and lateral (outside) aspects of the hock differ. Though your horse’s injury may be only on one side, it is advisable to treat both hocks at the same time, and they are sold in pairs for this reason.  For severe conditions the Hock Saver may be used two or three cycles per day.

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