I am so excited to offer my customers FREE SHIPPING on the TheraPlate!

Simply email me and I will arrange your Free Shipping with the Distributor.

This machine is so amazing, it speeds the body’s ability to heal and offers non-invasive and drug-free relief for pain and swelling. I see first-hand what this amazing therapy does for my competition horses. It helps me and my horses stay on top of our game. Seriously, I use it on myself! My horses and I both recover quicker when we use the TheraPlate.

I personally use this on Hello Stella because it increases recovery time by 50%.

That’s right, your horses will recover faster!

I am super excited to let you know you don’t necessarily have to purchase… rentals are available!

Ask me about RENTING a TheraPlate.

Remember to email me for MY FREE SHIPPING discount!

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I want to see your TheraPlate videos and photos. Let me know what injuries you are using it for. Is it just for your horses or do you use it on other animals? Share your story with me!

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