The Tendon/Shin Saver addresses these common ailments:


The Tendon Saver is designed for the treatment and maintenance of shin splints and other issues with the lower leg. Use this item for hands-free treatment of cannon bone and splint bone injuries as well as for injuries of the flexor tendons and suspensory ligament. The TendonSaver can be used on any of the four legs, as well as for problems in the back, sore hamstrings, neck problems, etc. The elastic accommodate use on the inner gaskin since this area is commonly sore in performance horses.

Self-contained and stand-alone the TendonSaver operates on three “AA” alkaline batteries and DOES NOT need to be connected to the RevitaVet™ main system.  The unit contains 60 visible red 650nm diodes. The sturdy straps wrap around the area that needs to be treated for hands-free operation. Treatment time as little as 15 minutes.  TendonSaver can be used on multiple horses per day.  It can be used on existing problems as well as a preventive maintenance device.  It is strongly indicated for competitive horses that stress their hocks constantly.


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