Short Shank Bit w/ Extended Purchase & Nose Band – SH 01M Combo


SH 01M Combo- this bit is great to compete in! With the softness benefits of my most used bit, the SH 01M Combo, it adds the stability of a nose band to help aid in a chargy and rooted horse, or one whom needs help on the backside of a turn. A variety of mouthpieces are available.

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Bits take 6 weeks to ship.

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Available Mouthpiece Options




This is a modified short shank horse bit that has an extended purchase. An extended purchase helps with receiving correct collection, roll and lift in the shoulders, encourages horses to round their backs, and gain vertical poll collection. The Nose Band helps square up a horse that is super bendy or will help put a stop on a free runner without losing bend or lift. Great for colts who are trying to root their nose or carry their head too high. Comes standard with an 7″ Shank.

Bits take 6 weeks to ship.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

1/8" Twist, 5/32" Twist, 3/16" Twist with Copper, 3/16" Twist with Copper and Roller, 1/4" Square with Copper, 4 Piece Twist, Chain, Dog Bone, Dog Bone w Copper Roller, Mullen, Mullen w Copper Roller, Smooth Snaffle Chain Combo


Bits take 6 weeks to ship.


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