Pro-Weight for 60% fat for rapid weight gain!

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Pro-Weight ™ (60% Fat) is an effective daily aid which provides dense fat and live, stabilized microbials (probiotics) to support healthy weight gain, body condition, and fuel for performance. Pro-Weight™ contains 60% fat from flax meal, soy meal and vegetable fat.* (Adding a fat supplement to horse feed will increase the digestibility of the entire ration.)

  • 60% fat for rapid weight gain 
  • Concentrated Calories 
  • Probiotics 
  • Yeast Culture 
  • Improves skin and coat condition 
  • Apple Flavored – Meal Form! 

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10 lbs, 30 lbs



Fat – Pro-Weight contains 60% fat from flax meal, soy meal and vegetable fat.

Calcium is a micromineral found in highest amounts in bone and teeth. However, it also has important roles in supporting muscle contraction, cell membranes, blood clotting, enzymes regulation, and hormone release. Absorption of calcium from the small intestine is controlled by vitamin D but can be reduced if there is too much phosphorus in the diet. Ideally, horses should receive slightly more calcium than phosphorus – a ratio between 1:1 and 2:1. Pregnant and lactating mares, growing horses, and exercising horses may need more dietary calcium than an adult horse at rest.

Phosphorus is a macromineral that, like Calcium, is found in highest amounts in bone. It is also required for energy production and the synthesis of many vital compounds such as DNA. The minerals calcium (Ca) and phosphorous (P) play a major role in proper growth and development of the skeletal system in horses. Ideally, horses should receive slightly more calcium than phosphorus – a ratio between 1:1 and 2:1.

Active Dry Yeast: Supports enzyme activity for fiber digestion in the hind gut and provides a direct source of nutrients to nourish good bacteria. Stabilizes digestive flora during periods of stress for overall health and performance.

Probiotics are live microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) that help promote healthy digestive function and support a healthy immune system. Often referred to as ‘good bugs’ they help break down ingredients/contents that the body normally can't, and help inhibit ‘bad bugs’ from growing.


My horse came out of winter a little thinner than last year, will this help him get back to a normal weight?

MVP: First, have your veterinarian perform a complete physical examination on your thin horse to rule-out any medical diseases or conditions. Once medical conditions have been ruled out, fat can be safely added as an additional source of calories such as the Pro-Weight.

Is this supplement OK for long term use?

MVP: Pro-Weight is generally appropriate for long-term use in horses.

Can this be fed with beet pulp?

MVP: Pro-Weight may be given with beet pulp to support healthy weight maintenance.


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