Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels!

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Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels!

  • Supports Glucose Metabolism
  • Antioxidants
  • Pellets

Contains (per 2oz): 10,000 mg magnesium and 5mg chromium (yeast). Magnesium (5,000-6,500 mgs) and Chromium (2-4mgs) daily, to support healthy/normal blood glucose levels.

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Magnesium (Mg) is a macro mineral that is frequently recommended for a wide range of equine health conditions. Magnesium helps to maintain normal muscle and nerve function, a healthy heart, healthy immune system and strong bones. Magnesium aids to regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis. Since a symptom of magnesium deficiency is agitation or anxiety, it is included in many calming supplements.

Chromium is a trace mineral which works with insulin to regulate blood sugar.


Do you have any tips on how to get a picky metabolic syndrome horse to eat supplements?

MVP: Find a low sugar “carrier” that your horse will eat and gradually mix in the supplement. Some low sugar options are; commercial feed formulated for sugar-sensitive horses (NSC level of 10% or less), shredded beet pulp (no molasses), hay cubes broken into pieces (choose a hay cube that is 10% NSC or less) or alfalfa pellets. Only use a small amount of carrier ingredient (1 cup per feeding or less if a mini). Once your horse readily eats the carrier ingredient, add a small amount of supplement and mix well. Over the next few days gradually increase the amount of supplement until you reach the full serving size. Soaking the carrier with a small amount of water may make the supplement mix in better and harder to leave behind. Add the supplement right at feeding time, do not soak.

My gelding is on Senior-Flex, can I use this as well?

MVP: Thanks for your question. Senior-Flex and Anti-Carb provide different types of support so yes, they may be given together.

I would like to start my mare on a metabolic supplement, there are so many to pick from. What sets them apart, they seem similar?

MVP: In review – The most essential ingredient to feed an IR horse is a minimum of 5,000mg/5gm of Magnesium. Chromium and iodine are also very beneficial when the diet is lacking these nutrients.

Anti-Carb – Formulated for a horse that is already on a balanced vitamin/mineral supplement.

Carb-X – An herbal approach, contains good levels of magnesium and chromium along with herbals that may be beneficial.

D-Carb Balance – Provides the Vitamins/Minerals that are lacking for horses receiving a low starch diet.

Magnesium 5,000 – Should be given when an all-around vitamin/mineral supplement is lacking in high levels. This is the minimum someone should do with an a horse on a low starch diet and is great for those on a budget!


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