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Barrel Racing Bits SH 02M Horse Bit
SH 02M Barrel Racing Bit

SH Pro Series Competition and Training Barrel Racing Bits for barrel horses are one of our most popular tack items. Designed by me, Sharin Hall, barrel racer and AQHA breeder.

I wasn’t able to find the horse bits I needed in the marketplace. As a result, I decided to create my own. My SH Pro Series barrel racing bits will take you through every phase of training and competing with your barrel horse.

My customers love my bits and it shows in 5 star reviews, for instance, and in the racing arena. Take a moment to see what my customers are saying!

Furthermore, if you aren’t sure which bit is right for you, contact me. I am happy to help you select the perfect bit for you and your horse.

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Additionally, you can also click most bits and find a video of me. I discuss how I use each bit and what each is best suited for. I offer a wide variety of styles, one for every situation and horse.

Try one of my SH Pro Series bits, you won’t want to use any other!

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